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                                                                                                              Updated 22/01/23 

The Lawn (Swindon) Community Association (LCA) is a registered charity, with the Registration No. 286601. It was originally constituted in November 1981 and the Constitution revised in 1997 and again in 2004. 

The main aim of the Association is to “foster the spirit of the community through provision of a community facility” 

That facility is the The Lawn Community Centre based in Guildford Avenue, Swindon, SN3 1JL. 

All residents within the “Area of Benefit”, generally known as “The Lawn Area” (as defined in the Constitution) are Members of the Association. By paying a Membership fee of just £1 per year, they become a Full voting member at the Annual General Meeting. 

An Annual General Meeting is held every year, to which all residents are invited. Only fully paid-up members are eligible to vote at the AGM. Associate membership is open to anyone living outside the “Lawn Area” subject to the approval of the General Committee. Associate members may elect up to two representatives who may vote on their behalf. 

There are sections of the Association that are special interest groups formed by local residents. 

A Newsletter is printed three times in a year and is distributed by our volunteers to about 1,500 homes in the “The Lawn Area”. 

Information about our activities is published in our local newspaper, the ‘Swindon Advertiser’, in the ‘Handy Mag’, on local radio, on the Website and also on the Notice Boards at The Centre. 

The Association’s General Committee comprises Honorary Officers , up to twenty elected Members and also the Associate Members representative. The Committee meets monthly and minutes of the meeting are filed at The Centre. 

Sub-committees with special responsibilities include: ‘Social’, that organise events on behalf of the Community Association. Other sub-committees are formed as and when appropriate. 


The Association is managed and run entirely by a team of volunteers. This enables us to keep in touch with The Lawn Community, to provide social, educational and welfare opportunities at The Community Centre. 

We are always pleased to recruit new volunteers for various tasks and are more than grateful to anyone who takes on a permanent role. However, we would like many more volunteers to be involved. It is vital that we can share the tasks with as many people as possible – “many hands make light work”

There are numerous roles where volunteers are needed and we welcome enquiries to discuss opportunities. Details of current key areas where more support is needed are included in our Newsletter and on the “News” page of our website. 

Volunteer Training 

One-to-one, as well as regular, volunteer training sessions are held to update our volunteers on issues arising from running The Centre, new policies or equipment, also to invite questions or comments. Established volunteers are encouraged to share their wealth of experience with newer recruits and those coming along (hopefully, with family, friends or neighbours) just to discover in what ways they may wish to be involved. 
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