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                                                                     Updated: 06/01/2024

All enquiries about booking our rooms are managed through our volunteer Booking Team.

Please be aware, before proceeding with your inquiry, that:-

 - bookings can NOT be accepted for any party booking on any Saturday, by anyone who lives outside the Association's local, "LCA Area of Benefit" as defined in our Constitution. Generally, this means only those households that receive regular delivery of our Newletter.
For more information, please see the bottom of our Home Page, under "Documents"
 - bookings can NOT be accepted for any regular bookings that run beyond 13:00 on any Saturday.
  - bookings can NOT be accepted for any events on Sundays.

All bookings for party events have to be booked and all charges paid in full at least 14 days in advance  of the event.

 Your Bookings enquiries may be made in any of the following ways:- 

1 - By email, to the dedicated Booking Team address:  

2 - In person, at The Lawn Centre on Mondays between 09:30 and 11:30 (except on Bank Holidays)

3 – By telephone, on 01793 651 806 where, if available, a volunteer-on-duty will usually be able to complete an enquiry form with your contact details and booking requirements. Should a volunteer not be available, then please leave your contact details on our Answering service for a call-back. 

Please be aware that your request can only ever be regarded as a "Booking inquiry" at that time.

When a member of the Booking Team has had the opportunity to check availability and suitability of a room for your needs, they will inform you of the status of your booking. Sometimes, you may be requested for additional information before your booking can be confirmed. Be assured the Booking Team will always respond as soon as possible.

All Bookings can only be guaranteed subject to your acceptance of our Conditions of Hire, our confirmation, and must always be conditional on the availability of our volunteers for reasons of health & safety. We will always do our best to help you.


"Single-event" booking rates are shown below, under the room descriptions. 

"Block-event" bookings qualify for a discounted rate, but must have a minimum of 8 sessions in a continuous 12 month period. 

The “Local” charge rate applies to residents living within the ‘Area of Benefit’ of the Association as defined by our Constitution and shown in our "LCA Area of Benefit" document.

“Registered Charity” rates apply to only charities that are officially registered by The Charity Commission. Evidence of this will be required when booking, eg. by quoting your Charity Number. 

“Business” rates apply to any bookings by a business. 

“Standard” rates apply to all other categories of hirers.  

The minimum time for a hiring is 1 hour, except for parties when a 3 hour minimum applies.  
All booking times must include an allowance for setting up and returning the room to its original condition.

Use of the kitchen is only available when the Hall is hired, for which there will be NO additional charges made.  

Please refer to the “Standard Conditions of Hire” document for further information.
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